Mastering Supply Chain Management

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What:\> reactive supply assurance – demand- and capacity management - industrialization activities – supplier-performance-series - preventive supply assurance - cost optimization along life cycle – sourcing strategies - digital enablement purchasing activities – start- and ramp-up safeguarding – key-figure transparency – variant-management – setup- and operational organization – scarce resources – ecological transformation of mobility – advancing digitalization -->
Who:\> young consultancy – trust your instincts - expect excellence - don't let it hold you back – know your value - dynamic start-up mindset – international – continuous learning – open-minded - authentic -->
How:\> fast - precise - data-driven - customer-oriented - individual solutions - passionate - persistent – service-oriented – specialized - global context – competent - bottom-up -->


Our services cover a wide range of areas, from sourcing strategies to proactive supply chain management and reactive supply assurance. We aim to bridge the gap between you and your suppliers, enhancing your supply chains in the short, medium, and long term. Our focus is on key aspects such as cost, flexibility, robustness, sustainability, and innovation.


We offer end-to-end support for your supply chain and project lifecycles, from conceptualization and industrialization to start-up, ramp-up, series production, and aftersales. Our team seamlessly integrates with your organization, working alongside your suppliers on-site and collaborating with your process partners in development, production, network, and sales.


Our service portfolio includes all the essential elements required for efficient supply chain management, such as supplier network targeting, sourcing strategies, digital procurement, demand and capacity management, start-up and ramp-up assurance, cost optimization, supplier performance, and reactive supply assurance.

The Core Team

M.Sc.BA & IT
M.Sc.BA & IT
Dipl. Ing.
Our Story

Our young company was created as a spin-off from well-established consulting firms, with a specific focus on supply chain management.

Our Culture

Our collaboration is shaped by continuous learning, knowledge sharing, transparency, trust, responsibility, impact, clear direction, and freedom to innovate.

Our Mission

Performance is key: Our customers’ challenges and satisfaction drive us to excellence every day.

Data for information as a service

Our clients value information over raw data. However, our approach to data management extends beyond statistical analysis. We promote collaboration among individuals from diverse fields to facilitate problem-solving and accelerate progress through data utilization. Our expertise spans the entire data spectrum, from acquisition and refinement to processing, analysis, and machine learning.

I feel the need...the need for speed

Quick results are always necessary for efficient problem-solving. Our ability to deliver quickly is due to our focus on the essentials, our specialization in absorbing and enhancing existing knowledge, and our extensive experience in applying well-established solution frameworks.

Total Supply - Management von Lieferketten: 15 Jahre Referenz im Premium-Segment der Automobilindustrie (Krisen- & Optimierungsprojekte).

With 15 years of experience in crisis and optimization projects in the premium sector of the automotive industry.

Total Supply - Management von Lieferketten: Kontinuierlicher Kompetenz-Auf- & Ausbau, Einkauf & SCM für Automobil OEM & Lieferanten weltweit.

Continuously enhancing expertise in purchasing and supply chain management, serving automotive OEMs and suppliers globally.

Total Supply - Management von Lieferketten: Strategische Stoßrichtungen zur Sicherstellung der lernenden Organisation.

Ensure the continued growth of our learning organization by providing clear strategic direction.

Total Supply - Management von Lieferketten: Unsere Lösungen basieren auf datengesteuerter Konzeptionierung & problemorientierter Umsetzung.

Data-driven design and results-driven implementation are the foundation of our solutions.

Work with us

In our team, you can share your ideas and gain experience while working on an international scale. We offer collaborative opportunities through research projects and business partnerships.